November 21, 2007

In de Gloria - Den West-Vloamink

A Flemish colleague pointed out this video to me. It's ridicoulously funny! But you need to understand some Dutch to appreciate it though. Well, you should be able to read it actually :)

November 20, 2007

Smokin' Bandit

Every morning I walk down Haddington Road on my way to work. Some time ago I noticed something curious. At the end of the street a female biker stops around 8:45 for a cigarette break. She parks her motorbike under a tree and lights up a fag. I've never been a big smoking buff, but in my eyes this cigarette pit stop is sad.

Of course I don't know where the biker comes from. Perhaps she has driven all the way from Galway and is just dying for a cigarette. But I doubt this - the bike has a Dublin registration and no one commutes for more than an hour on a motorbike in Ireland. So this indicates she is a hardcore nicotine junkie who just can't wait another 30 minutes or so before she reaches her final destination.

But the thing that really struck me, is the fact that she doesn't take of her helmet while smoking! And I'm not talking about one of those retro helmets that leaves your face uncovered. No, she wears a full face motorbike helmet!! Is this accelerating the nicotine intake in any way? Does it give you a bigger rush? Anyhow, I find it a sad, sad sight.

By the way: she drives a Suzuki Bandit. I guess she's a real smokin' bandit.