January 16, 2007

The idea of Bas' Bazaar

So this is my blog, with my first ever posting. The idea is that over time a true bazaar of interest will come to life, with postings in several languages on numerous topics from my friends and myself.

When meeting up with two friends in Paris recently, I decided that it would be nice to share our thoughts and ideas with more people. As young professionals having Master's degrees (History and Political Science) and working in Brussels, Dublin and all over the place thanks to a scholarship of the Italian government, we like to think our opinion matters. It sounds awfully ambitious and pretentious to publish these thoughts - I agree. But hey, if nobody is interested, we at least have some fun in the process of creating this blog ourselves. And since we live most of our lifes as expats, it's a nice way for 'home' to stay updated. Will this blog ever get as big as this tree here? I certainly do hope so!


1 comment:

Hans said...

I'm interested of course, but you'd probably know that already! I'll subscribe to your fancy RSS feed and mingle in any of the discussions on this bazaar.

De Dodman