January 30, 2007

No manners, we're British

No manners, we're British

Of course I don't want to compare my very young career as a blogger with that of Charles Bremner, the Paris correspondent for The Times. But regarding his posting on the British behaviour in France, well, I totally agree. And it's not just the British... Did I mention I live in Ireland? Anyway, below the first couple of lines from Charles Bremner's posting:

Since we have been having fun with rude Parisians, it might be a good moment to lament a new menace in our midst: the loud Brit. I wonder if others are struck as I am by the uncouth behaviour of many British visitors to France and the rest of the continent. I am not just talking about Little England characters or young football supporters who get plastered before their Eurostar train has left Kent. The offenders are from the comfortable classes, though they tend to be on the younger side, under about 45.

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