February 14, 2007

The Weapons Industry, Terni & Saint Valentine

The Origins of Valentine's Day

Most of you will probably know that February the 14th has something to do with a Catholic Saint, hence the name Saint Valentine’s Day. From some internet research I learned that the Saint Valentinus must have been either a priest in Rome, a martyr in the Roman province of Africa, or a bishop in Interamna (Terni). Saint Valentine also is the patron saint of Terni.

The funny thing is that I’ve visited Terni with some Italian friends. Even more funny is that Italians make fun of modern day Terni.

This city in southern Umbria is known for it’s heavy industry, especially the weapons industry. Not quite the romantic little town you might expect in that part of Italy with this patron saint...

Now this is something you want to remember on February the 14th! Not really I suppose, but now you do know that you can comfortably skip at least one town when visiting Italy.

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